Cabinlife is the project of percussionist/multi-instrumentalist Kevin Sport. 

For over 10 years Kevin worked as one of the premier modern dance accompanists in NYC, playing in studios all over New York including the Alvin Ailey School, the Martha Graham School and the JKO School at American Ballet Theatre.  He has released three cd’s for modern dance, two for Graham and one for Horton, that are in use literally around the world. 

He has taken his deep understanding of creating music for dancers and channeled it into Cabinlife to create a sound that manages to simultaneously invite stillness and thoughtful movement. Kevin finds limitless inspiration from the incredible beauty and grandeur of the Colorado Rocky Mountains, where he has lived since 2016.  He has the great fortune to continue to play for modern dance in the studio and on stage, as well as lead guided meditation sessions, at Perry Mansfield Performing Arts Camp in Steamboat Springs, CO.

Cabinlife’s sound is contemplative, even meditative at times, and full of blissful positive energy:  the perfect sound for yoga, guided meditation and festival chill-out tents.