New EP coming soon!

It’s soooo close. 80/20 rule definitely in effect but I anticipiate that it will be on all your favorite music platforms within a month. In the meantime, here’s a track that feels preeeettty close. Sorry it’s an mp3, squarespace doesn’t appear to be .wav friendly.

Two Upcoming Perfomances

On Saturday, July 13th I will be performing from 915-1115am (!) at 1021 Crawford Ave. in town as a part of the Strings Home and Garden Tour.

On Tuesday, July 16th I will perform a solo looper piece and a piece with the excellent hammered dulcimer player Joe Venegoni at 8pm out at Perry Mansfield as part of their “Tuesday Under the Stars” series.

Would love to see you there!

Yin Yoga with Aromatherapy and Live Music!

This Saturday!

Live Music, Yin Yoga + Aromatherapy
with Kevin + Val
Saturday March 30th
$20 advance
$25 day of

The afternoon will include Pranayama and a Yin practive designed to support joint health, flexibility, and mental focus. We will use props to support the body as we hold the postures for 3-5 minutes, and doTERRA essential oils to encourage deeper relaxation and help create harmony within ourselves. Blissful live music will be provided by @kspo_cabinlife